Our Digital Infrastructure

NAVIS N4 The most sophisticated Terminal Operating System for streamlining operational processes in much better way by expertly approach, smarter planning, performance oriented, enhanced terminal productivity and control. 
DBGT has proven its efficiency through optimized planning, wider management of containers, control of equipments and well organized vessel and yard operations through NAVIS N4
BCS "Booking Control System" the platform which is being integrated with our Terminal Operating System NAVIS 4, for MLO Allocations by the Vessel Operators and for subsequent allocations / processing EIR / Pre-Gate Advices. The platform has eased the operational duties across the supply chain and helped to cut down the unnecessary manual representation and paper work.
The platforms which serves the entire trade with digitized eVGM through integrated weigh-bridges for automatic weighing for seamless VGM data flow in Pre-Gate/ FORM-13
Our Terminal is fully compliant and our In-Gates are installed with screening equipments to scan the CODEX / ODEX  code for seamless entry into our terminal in no time.
DLDS DMICDC Logistics Data Services (DLDS) is a joint venture between Government of India represented by National Industrial Corridor Development and Implementation Trust (NICDIT) and Japanese IT major NEC Corporation.
“Logistics Data Bank System (LDB System)” is an overarching solution that integrate the information available with various agencies across the supply chain to provide detailed real time information within a single window.