Trade news

    VRC concession scheme announced by VOCPA for the year 2022-23 with effect from 13-04-2022 - Download here
    Revised scale of rates for DBGT (based on WPI)- TAMP order for FY22 -23 - Download here
    Trade Notice_ VOC Port Adhoc Mainline concession scheme dt 05.03.2022 - Download here
    Extension of incentive/concession in VRC for mainline vessels from 01.01 .2022 to 31.03.2022 - Download here
    Trade Advisory from DBGT_Container Tracking at Website - Download here
    Trade Advisory of DBGT - Download here
    DBGT Scale of rates - Download here
    TAMP/12/2009-Misc - Download here
    Trade circular for extension of import free storage period from 22.03.2020 to 14.04.2020 - Download here