QuayLength                              345 M
Permissible Draught 14.2 M
Terminal area 10 ha yard
Gates   Three separate gates with 2 lanes each 
Export / import / exit 
STS (QC)                                           3 with65 with twin lift capacity47 M outreach (17 Rows    Across)
5.88 M between waterside rail and fenders


9 with41 T capacity
5 + 1 (Tiers) & 7 + 1 (Rows) 
Reach Stackers 2
Inter Transfer Vehicles 18
Ancillary Equipment Fire Tender – 1 Ambulance – 1Fork lift - 1
Full capacity 0.72 m TEUs per year 
Slot capacity  8260 TEUs Staking Capacity 
Reefer Slots 112 Plug points
Power back up 1500KVA – 2nos.
Terminal Operating System NAVIS- N4
e-VGM Compliance CODEX / ODEX
Simplified Booking System     BCS - Booking Control System
Import Container Tracking Logistics Data Bank System (LDB System)


Supporting Infrastructure @ DBGT

  • DBGT
  • DBGT
  • DBGT
  • DBGT
  • Seamlessly connecting Colombo Hub on same day of sailing, the fastest connection from any Indian Port.
  • Export Carting at Terminal allowed after vessel berthing as well for Light / Perishable / IMDG / OOG / Reefer Commodities.
  • Export General Manifest (EGM) filing before vessel sailing.
  • GST (Duty Draw Back) refund on the next day of vessel sailing.
  • 16 CFS’s and an ICD located within 13 KM radius from terminal.
  • Connected with all major hinterland with multi lanes roadways and railways. 
  • Priority Connectivity for the rail bound ICD Containers.
  • Separate Service lane for connecting rail bound containers from the Port siding to terminal.
  • High security area under 24/7 modern CCTVs
  • DBGT
  • DBGT
  • DBGT


Key assets of Tuticorin Terminal:

  • Port is strategically located at the East – West International Sea Route on the south eastern coast of India at Latitude 8.7504° N, and Longitude 78.2131° E.
  • Located in Gulf of Mannar, with Sri Lanka on South East and large Indian Landmass on the West, the Port is well sheltered from storms and cyclone winds.
  • The all-weather safe port with no tidal restrictions is even safer during monsoon is well sheltered from storms and cyclones.
  • All weather Port. Port is well sheltered from storms and cyclone winds.